I love telling my residents the stories

And by stories, I mean the stories of how everything started for me. I love telling them about how I got two of my best friends in one night. How I met people in the lobby huddled around an Alabama football game on a laptop because we didn’t have a TV. How I essentially lived in the lobby and thought nothing of it.

I love telling them how I managed to survive and thrive and seeing their faces light up. They ask questions about what they are going to do, and I am able to give them hope. Though it may be quirky stories about what I did, each moment of my story-telling gives them something to look forward to creating on their own.

And even though I know that no person can share the same story, I know that the story we write together is phenomenal.


And the only thing I can think of is…who is that other girl?


I find great joy in the fact that the Pembroke residents from last year are talking to all of my new residents and telling them how awesome I am. I might not have technically been their RA, but they still love me. I’m so blessed to be part of such a great Belmont community


I think that you love me when I am me.

As a general rule of thumb, I try to be myself in as many ways as possible, but of course I have to have a game face on sometimes or I need to act in proper social manner. Up until recently, when I was alone with you was the only time you didn’t have to see through my barrier. That’s when our friendship flourished and grew. I was lucky to have you there in those moments.

But lately you have been around when I am being 100% me in a large crowd. You have seen me jumping around and singing like an idiot with my SLA’s. You have seen me fooling around with your new residents. You have gotten to see the little silly things that I do. And maybe you already had seen them, but I didn’t know that you were watching.

I’ve seen your face when I enter the room now, when I dance all over the place, when I make loud jokes and laugh a little too loud. There’s a little smile in there that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s not what I dream of, but it’s just as sweet.

I love that you love me when I am me, especially when I am not watching.


The Selfie (x)

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I love watching all of the freshmen experience the things I did.

To the ones who have joined me in the lobby, I hope they stay and meet the greatest lobbsters of all time

To the ones who go on walks, I hope they make a friend who will always walk and cry with them after midnight

To the ones who follow the Facebook page, I hope they end up being the only two who show up

Some of my most cherished memories of the beginning of school could all be played out again and again for these freshmen. How awesome would it be for them to live as joyous as a life I have been blessed with. Thanks be to God for the circumstances He gave me and the people He placed in each moment.



that sounds like something patrick stump would say

God bless the Simpsons



that sounds like something patrick stump would say

God bless the Simpsons

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“I was NOT looking for Catholicism. I was looking for the truth, and the truth led me to Catholicism.” Mike Cumbie (via darbyinblue)

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